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Website Design and Development

A website is a relatively cheap and efficient way of getting your business or profile ‘out there’ and has the potential to increase your customer base or profile awareness. Our full range of websites include:
  • Brochure websites – static or responsive website to display information for your business or profile that will not change frequently, such as business services offered, prices affiliated with services and contact and profile information.
  • E-commerce websites – Looking to sell products online? an E-commerce site is for you.
  • Content Management System (CMS) – A dynamic website where content will regularly change and provides you with the flexibility and ease of use to make the changes to your website yourself.
Website user’s are more savvy when it comes to design now more than ever, so your site must first stand out while also adhering to fundamental design principles, that’s why all our design are custom made, created from the ground up and bespoke to your requirements.

Responsive Design

Will your potential customers or profile viewers navigate your website on a mobile device? if the answer is yes, you will be happy to know that all our packages include responsive design incorporation. Our responsive designed sites scale appropriately to each device it renders on, meaning you keep the great looking design utilised on a full screen only scaled down on a mobile/tablet screen. It works by using media queries embedded into the code that tells the browser at specific display sizes to change the layout to match the screen size. We fully recommend responsive designs, especially if your website contains a large number of pages or will contain lots of text you want to remain legible even at small resolutions.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having a website to advertise a business or profile is vital in this day and age, but what is also as vitally important is having your site prominently feature high on the result return lists of search engines such as Google. By not incorporating SEO strategy in your online presence you could potentially exclude large portions of your potential client base. As part of every website package we offer, SEO is integrated as standard. The better the package you get the more sophisticated the techniques are used. These services include:
  • integrated code for easy search indexing.
  • Inclusion of website crawler file (Google).
  • Integration of Google Webmaster tools with access supplied to site owners once development is completed. (*must have a Google account to access these tools).
  • Installation and configuration of custom SEO plugins.
* For all sites developed, SEO services are specific to the Google search engine, identified as being the most utilised search engine.

Domains and Web Hosting

You have your website developed, what happens next? first you need to select a domain name for your site or check to see if the one you have in mind is available? Then you need to select a hosting package that supports your site at a reasonable cost. Too much hassle? We bundle in 12 months website hosting as part of every site development package you purchase with us so that you don’t have to worry about it. We also include a free .co.uk, me.uk, org.uk domain name (*subject to availability) so your site could potentially be online as soon as it has been developed. Our hosting packages boasts high uptime rates so you don’t have to worry about your site going down and also provide daily and twice weekly backups for piece of mind.

Website Marketing Statistics (Google Analytics)

With some of our website packages you take out with us we also offer the integration of Google Analytics functionality and reporting. Google Analytics allows the site owner to view various statistics in report form relating to their website such as where your site demographic hails from?, how many hits as your site received in a set period of time?, How visitors are finding your site?, what browser are they using? and where are visitors leaving your site to go to? Having information such as this to hand can help you improve your business and your online profile and give you more insight of your website and how it is reaching the global audience. All you need is a Google account and access to these reports are almost instant (after some initial data propagation following website deployment).

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